Ammie says ...
  Hi, thank you for the information! I've been searching high and low on the web for yarn/crochet supplies stores in KL/PJ area. Stumbled upon your website and at least I've made progress! Thanks again!

P/S: Maybe you'll want to add two more that I've found on the web. Lily Handicraft and Jet Sun Handicraft. Both located at Sungei Wang Plaza. I haven't been there in person, I'm in the midst of researching now. Cheers!

Reply | Posted on 2/26/2009 12:54:19 PM

Aniza says ...
There is another shop I frequent
Sakura Sewing Shop
No.157, Jln SS19/6
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 603 56363313
email: my-elit@tm.net.my

Reply | Posted on 4/27/2009 4:17:02 PM
maya replies ...
  tq so much aniza...

Reply | Posted on 8/12/2009 10:21:48 AM

The Artsy Craftsy says ...
  Arts & Crafts classes for all ages! call 0126841136 to enquire or visit the blogsite. Email: theartsycraftsy@gmail.com.
HUrry! mask making, decorative painting, preschool play n' learn art & more for all ages!

Reply | Posted on 8/12/2009 10:11:52 AM
The Artsy Craftsy replies ...
  Please note that The Artsy Craftsy is now officially a Creative blogazine that highlights and reviews creativity in Malaysia. We no longer hold classes but only promotes others..

Reply | Posted on 3/14/2012 10:48:32 AM

Mabel says ...
  Hi fellow crafters,

We are OneJoy Patchwork, the new kid on the blocks! a new patchwork shop located in Ampang. Do drop by our shop to view our ranges of modern patchwork fabrics. Our address are as follows:-
OneJoy Patchwork
22A Jalan Persiaran Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 4251 9007, 016 2848288

Reply | Posted on 1/28/2010 8:48:25 PM
maya replies ...
  thanks mabel!

Reply | Posted on 2/28/2010 11:08:46 PM

Aniza says ...
  Salam, Maya!
Sila update , ya...
The Sakura Sewing Shop has moved and changed to

Elitronic Sdn Bhd
C-G-33, Ground Floor,
10 Boulevard Damansara,
Jln Cempaka, Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

email : my-elit@tm.net.my
Kelvin Chan : 012-684 3133

terima kasih.

Reply | Posted on 2/27/2010 10:48:26 PM
maya replies ...
  thanks aniza for the info!

Reply | Posted on 2/28/2010 11:09:04 PM

syareena says ...
  sis...nk tnye leh x??kt area kl or slagor...mne nk cri kedai yg jual felt???

Reply | Posted on 6/20/2010 12:44:47 AM
maya replies ...
  kedai2 atas tu laa..

Reply | Posted on 6/20/2010 7:43:04 AM

Teeya says ...
  Thanks kak.....gembira sangat dpt alamat2 ni......takder la sesat nanti.....:)

Reply | Posted on 6/24/2010 11:58:10 PM

Brenda says ...
  Maya, can you change our website to http://www.maycraft.com.my, because with the above link, it cannot guide to Maycraft website. By the way, we just inform all of you our new website will come out soon in August. That's why you will find we did not update our current website. All new products and promotions will be in the new website.

Reply | Posted on 6/25/2010 9:08:52 AM

ciklynn says ...
  Hi Maya & crafters,

Beverly Collection is a patchwork/needlework/craft shop located in Bandar Utama. We are revamping under new management, and would love for crafters to drop by! We have a mix of contemporary & classic fabric designs for you to choose from, and we'd be more than happy to help source for specific things you're looking for!

Do drop by:-
Beverly Collection
Lot F16, First Floor, Centrepoint
Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6012 272 5578

Reply | Posted on 7/19/2010 1:58:19 PM

YY Tan says ...
  Hi, may I know which of the shops above sell batting for quilt?


Reply | Posted on 9/2/2010 11:25:39 AM

Devendran says ...
  Mobile maid for houses, appartments and offices in Subang Jaya, Puchong, Kota Kemuning and nearby area.

Maid's name = Mega. She is not a live-in maid. She's a part-time/ mobile maid. Employer is currently away overseas. Her number = 0166963698/ 0166280147.

Reply | Posted on 2/15/2011 1:22:04 PM

Rafidah says ...
  hi,can i know where to buy multi-coloured yarn in selangor/KL area plz?

Reply | Posted on 5/19/2011 10:02:32 PM
lolachoco replies ...
  Hi, I have multi-coloured yarn for sale if you interested. Please check my blog. I will update some new colour soon.

Reply | Posted on 2/12/2012 2:23:31 AM

sharmimie samsudin says ...
can i know where to buy waxed linen cord or any stringing material for jewelry making supplies in KL?
especially lembah klang please

Reply | Posted on 5/8/2012 3:57:30 PM

jayanthi says ...
  hi..just wanted to ask..do anyone knows where to buy loose feathers....really need them for my project..pls.....anyone pls help me...thank u

Reply | Posted on 5/30/2012 9:38:54 PM

James says ...
  There is also a shop near Pudu Plaza by the name Sing Mui Hen who is carrying quilting fabrics, notions, tools etc. I had previously bought some Riley Blake Design fabrics and Yarn-dyed from them.

Reply | Posted on 8/28/2012 3:06:00 PM

Charlyn says ...
  Does anyone know where to get floral wire & floral tape? Wanna DIY my own corsage for my wedding.

Reply | Posted on 10/28/2012 9:31:43 PM

rose says ...
  hi..just wanted to ask...where i can find .Pen Style Needle Felting Tool in..if anyone know...:)

Reply | Posted on 12/4/2012 5:07:12 PM

Jaje says ...
  I wanna buy some colourful yarn.... Dekat2ngn area selangor ni je.. Ade x?

Reply | Posted on 12/13/2012 9:50:46 AM

Lucy says ...
  hi. Come have a look at some beautiful fabrics sold online at www.popularfabric.com. Fast delivery to anywhere in Malaysia ;)

Reply | Posted on 4/8/2013 1:11:28 AM

Zen says ...
  Hi ,
Please come on in and take a look at our large range of fabrics imported from USA, Japan & Korea.

Reply | Posted on 4/23/2013 5:02:05 PM

Zen says ...
  Sorry, left out the link

Reply | Posted on 4/23/2013 5:02:53 PM

rube says ...
  Hi, do any1 where can I buy the metal purse frames or the magnet locks for clutches and purses? Thank you. pls do email me at a.rube88@gmail.com..

Reply | Posted on 10/16/2013 1:29:01 PM
Lucy replies ...
  Hi Rube, you can find bag making accessories here.

Reply | Posted on 12/31/2013 6:06:34 PM

Lucy replies ...

Reply | Posted on 12/31/2013 6:07:08 PM

gold leaf says ...
  hi all,where to find gilding adhesive for gold silver leaf foil?

Reply | Posted on 10/22/2013 12:03:40 AM

aysha says ...
  For rube, if you haven't found it yet, get purse frames at http://www.beading.my/catalogsearch/result/?q=purse+frames

Reply | Posted on 10/23/2013 1:53:01 PM

aysha says ...
  One more for purse frames, rube.

Reply | Posted on 10/23/2013 2:45:04 PM

nur azlyna says ...
  Im looking for iron on disney princess embroidery patches anyone know where I can find it?

Reply | Posted on 2/18/2014 5:11:36 PM

Quilt Gallery says ...
  Just to let you all know, Quilt Gallery (as mentioned in the listings above) has a new website at www.quiltgallery.com.my and our email address is now sales@quiltgallery.com.my

Reply | Posted on 4/19/2014 10:08:59 AM

Yvonne Kam says ...
  U left out Adeline's shop in Amcorp Mall
Lot L3-11 3rd Floor Amcorp Mall, No.18, Persiaran Barat, Off Jalan TImur Phone no : 03 79543461 h/p 012 2051808

Reply | Posted on 4/23/2014 6:38:27 PM

devi says ...
  Looking high and low for feathers. Anyone, pleae guide me. Thanks

Reply | Posted on 9/27/2014 2:24:09 PM

ira says ...
  Interested to learn crocheting? Mobile tutor available. Kindly WhatsApp: 0122049685

Reply | Posted on 3/26/2015 3:47:45 PM

wen says ...
  Hi. Anyone can help to direct me to good places around kl to frame done cross stiches. Those with lots of choices of frames. Not those traditional glass and shops. Thanks a lot

Reply | Posted on 4/14/2015 2:38:10 AM

Maggie says ...
  hi, i'm looking for a thick wool yarn for blanket knitting. Where can i find it in Klang Valley? Can anyone help? Thank you so much..

Reply | Posted on 5/6/2015 10:47:33 AM
Alice replies ...
  Adeline's shop in Amcorp Mall
Lot L3-11 3rd Floor Amcorp Mall, No.18, Persiaran Barat, Off Jalan TImur Phone no : 03 79543461 h/p 012 2051808

Reply | Posted on 7/15/2015 8:58:21 AM

Mindy says ...
  Hi ,I'm looking for linen fabric for doing some handmade items, besides buying online, may I know where can I find in klang valley? Tqvm

Reply | Posted on 7/20/2015 9:00:33 AM

Adrian says ...
  Hi! Can anyone assist where can I get a reliable & reasonable in pricing for cutting & sewing services for roundneck t-shirt, polo t-shirt & corporate uniforms. Thank you.

Reply | Posted on 11/7/2015 11:27:47 PM

rebekah says ...
I am looking for somewhere to buy waxed cotton cord and beads for macrame jewellery making. Any help at all would be really appreciated!

Reply | Posted on 5/2/2016 12:36:40 PM

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