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Sunday, March 15, 2009
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*** penyertaan di tutup mulai 21 March 2009, 11:18:49 AM ***

i think this will work out fun! yes. we gonna have much fun...

yay! this is my 491st entry. the special secret project all these while is for these giveaways..

so, the giveaways are..... drum roll in the background. can you hear it? ceh! belum apa-apa dah drum roll, masa announcement nanti harus bawak lion dance team. sape nak join?

1. a cute tote bag with a cute pouch and a cute bookmark

2. a cute tote bag with a smaller cute pouch and a cute bookmark

3. a cute pouch and a cute bookmark

4. a cute pouch and a cute bookmark

5. a cute pouch and a cute bookmark

the rules are really simple..

1. every comment in this post is counted as 1 entry.. it is ok if you don't have your own blog. write as many as you want here. remember, each & every comment is counted as 1 entry. so, if you write 2 comments, will be counted 2 entries. haha! giler kuasa. don't forget to leave your email ya! cheating is not allowed.

2. write about this blog (not about this entry.. lagi sekali gile kuasa) at your blog & you will get another entry. remember to let me know. kalau terlupa, habis hilang markah. errmm.. hints: sila puji saya lebih sikit, mana tau saya nak bagi markah lebih. haha! lagi lagi giler kuase.

that's all.

i will let melly & elman to randomly draw the winners and i will announce it on my 500th entry.. so, be good to them ya!

do you want it? or do you really want it? write down your comment NOW!

nota kaki: ok, i'm kidding about the 'puji saya lebih sikit' thingy.. please write from the bottom of your heart. ya'll be good... mmwah!

Special Project, Giveaways | 245 Comments

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