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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
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Hand Embroidery Art Gallery
Dreamfollow.com Journal
Embroidery at Flickr
By Aimee Ray

Ribbon Embroidery **
The art of ribbon embroidery is a three dimensional artwork working ribbon and classic stithces.
Needleworking Department, Needlepointers.com

Jahitan Sulaman Reben **
Cara membuat sulaman reben, langkah demi langkah menggunakan gambar. Teknik yang digunakan; Centre Ribbon Stitch, Left Ribbon Stitch, Right Ribbon Stitch, Folded Rose & Web Rose, Fuchsias Flower, Daun & Kelopak Bunga Matahari, Straight Stitch, Looped Straight Stitch, Sulaman Riben Buah Anggur.

Brazilian Embroidery Stitch Instructions **
Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild Inc

Ribbon Embroidery
Ribbon embroidery is not as exact as other forms of needlework. There are as many variations to these stitches as there are designers who use them. The size of the stitch and how they are used (singly, in a row, or in a mass) and the size of the ribbon will all have an effect.

Umirose Embroidered Gift - Malaysia
Embroidered Gift With Love - from Umi
umisma's photos at fickr
A display of Umi's hand-embroidery, a variation of stitches from ribbons, threads and beads.

Five Basic Stitches
There are many different embroidery stitches, but I've found that just five basic stitches, used alone or in various combinations, can create a large array of floral motifs and stitch patterns. The ribbon stitch is for ribbon only, but the lazy daisy, straight stitch, stem stitch, and French knots can be made with ribbon or thread. Try them, and you'll see that the ribbon produces a different effect with each stitch.

Five stitches to add to your repertoire
When used in various combinations, the straight stitch, ribbon stitch, lazy daisy, French knot, and stem stitch can produce lively, rich-looking embellishments for garments, quilts and home furnishings. Here are five more of my favorite stitches. When used together with the five basic stitches mentioned above, you can create a forest of flowers, leaves, and stems.

White Embroidery
The Project Gutenberg eBook of Encyclopedia of Needlework, by Thérèse De Dillmont.

Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving
The Project Gutenberg eBook, by Grace Christie.

Embroidery Lesson by Craftydaisies.com **
:: Embroidery Lesson 1
:: Embroidery Lesson 2
:: Embroidery Lesson 3
:: Embroidery Lesson 4
:: Embroidery Lesson 5

Embroidery Tutorial
Basic embroidery stitches. The Purl Bee

Embroidery designs by Petro - links to all the embroidery design collections pages.
Download free embroidery designs by clicking on the freebie links at the bottom of the embroidery design collection pages.

Needle'nThread.com: Free Embroidery Patterns around the Web
Free needlework patterns abound on the Internet - from counted cross stitch to general surface embroidery, stumpwork, and whatnot. Designers, stitch magazines, and embroidery enthusiasts are generous to give the rest of us a sample of their work or designs they've come by.

RGB Values for DMC Floss

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Shapiah Ahmad says ...
  Nak contact maya macam mana ye? Takde contact no pon. Nak tanya maya buat embroidery on baju kurung budak tak? Pls contact me asap ye. My hp 012-6560022

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Shapiah Ahmad says ...
  Nak contact maya macam mana ye? Takde contact no pon. Nak tanya maya buat embroidery on baju kurung budak tak? Pls contact me asap ye. My hp 012-6560022

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