Sheila Wahid says ...
  Thanks for sharing... memang tengah buat survey ttg ni... tak tahu nak pilih yang mana... yang besar bergaya atau yang kecil molek... tapi sekarang dah tahu yang mana pilihan hati...

Reply | Posted on 2/1/2011 9:55:14 AM
maya replies ...
nanti saya shere apps yg best utk GTab pulak.. :)

Reply | Posted on 2/1/2011 10:03:35 AM

::IDa:: says ...
  im 120% agree with you!!
my hubby just bought Gtab from senQ (rm1999 for RHB credit card user!!!! )
really senQ offers a lot of discounts from smart phones to Gtab. go check them out!

ipad is of course everybody's favors. one thing because it's from Apple. That's it.

But im telling you, Gtab can do more than ipad.
you can make a call, make video call, and yes, more free apps for Android than mac.

if you're not sure what android is, android is a software with interface pretty much like mac. meaning it does looks like any mac apps. but better! with great graphics too!!!

hehehe.. itu je i nak review. because selepas tengok my hubby pakai Gtab, i terus teruja and bought myself HTC desire HD :P

Reply | Posted on 2/1/2011 10:06:53 AM
maya replies ...
ida memang terer review barang lah!

saya memang addicted ngan mende ni sejak beli 2 bulan lepas...

ada orang kata, apps kat iPad lagi banyak. on the other hand, iPad user dah macam tikus putih. if it is good at iPad, diorang akan buat untuk Android. Tapi kalau tak bagus, diorang tak buat untuk Android. hehe..

anyway..... Android is catching up... developer dia akan lebih ramai dari apple sedikit masa lagi.... (masa tu lah Android user plak jadi tikus putih.. lalalala)

Reply | Posted on 2/1/2011 10:25:49 AM

::IDa:: replies ...
  hahaha me and my hubby mmg pro android :P
can;t wait to see what they have in the future ;)
hey have you tried angry birds?? hahahaha.. giler addictive game tu.
main sampai habis battery :P

Reply | Posted on 2/1/2011 10:35:37 AM

maya replies ...
that's the whole family fav..

kahkahkah.. my son especially, tukang habiskan semua level... siap bekerja keras tukar shift ngan papa dia....

then sekarang suruh mak dia dapatkan semua 3 bintang plak.... bulan 4 nanti baru diorang keluarkan yg baru... can't wait!

Reply | Posted on 2/1/2011 10:41:45 AM

sue says ...
  Emmm..thank's kak share..ada angan2 gak tu nak beli ipad..hehehheee...
Emmm..nampaknya Gtb lg bagus kot..heee

Reply | Posted on 2/1/2011 3:12:23 PM

nadia says ...
  just my opinion, i think droid pad is not bad too. i have that and its very easy convenient, senang nak check email or online kat mana , kecik and the price pon tak le semahal Ipad.

Reply | Posted on 2/2/2011 10:21:48 AM

anny says ...
  this is good: 10 things Android phones do better than the iPhone



Reply | Posted on 2/8/2011 7:59:05 PM
maya replies ...
  thanks anny.
i have another one. sangat details & best ni:

Refreshed Galaxy Tab vs iPad Specs

Reply | Posted on 2/16/2011 12:19:45 AM

HanaZaini says ...
  Saya juga mahukan satu GTab!!!

Reply | Posted on 5/27/2011 2:28:05 PM

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