What would you do with a letter that changed everything ?
Sunday, June 20, 2010
Posted on 10:34:58 AM | 6 Comments

It was two weeks that would change their lives forever. Soon after John Tyree (Channing Tatum) and Savannah Lynn Curtis (Amanda Seyfried) fall madly in love, their relationship is put on hold. With one leaving to complete his service, and the other to complete her college education, they pass the time by exchanging a continuous stream of love letters, until they can be reunited permanently a year later.

But when war breaks out, their separation is extended indefinitely. Will their relationship survive the greatest test of all: the test of time? Based on the best-selling novel from the author of The Notebook, DEAR JOHN is a timeless romance that will warm your heart.


My Comment:

I love both stories, in the book and the movie. I read the book once, obviously because I'm a slow reader and hardly find time to read. I watched the movie more than 5 times already. And watched the trailer again and again. Crazy enough huh?

Corat-Coret, Fiction | 6 Comments

sellynna says ...
  cite ni mmg best, sayangnya tak dpt abiskan sbb tgh2 syok tgk dorg bejumpa, tiba2 abis.. rupanya hubby donlod tak abis.. sabo je la..

baru nak feeling2 romentik gitu..

Reply | Posted on 6/21/2010 9:58:06 AM
maya replies ...
  hah hah! buleh pulak sekerat2 eh..
tapi.. baik habiskan..

Reply | Posted on 6/21/2010 11:48:09 AM

m-i-o says ...
  sy ada nampak buku ni kat booth mph masa read malaysia exhibition @ the mines. masa lalu kat rak tu, memang terus teringat - eh, ini macam cite yg maya cakap kt blog tu! siap ada 20% diskaun you!

tp sy tak berani nak beli, selak pun tak (kalau selak kang nanti ada personal touch, lagi la rasa nak beli!) sebab sy dh janji kat husband yg sy borong buku setahun sekali je masa pesta buku. hahaha!

sy pun prefer tengok dvd aje la. nantila, kot jumpe dvd tak halal nanti, pasti buat rembatan kencang. lagi cepat habis klo tengok dvd, daripada baca buku. sy pun slow reader gak. dah la baca macam siput, pastu asyik nk repeat baca chapter yg sy suka - macam nk hafal skrip la pulak. hahaha!

Reply | Posted on 6/21/2010 11:26:44 AM
maya replies ...
  haha.. cerita dalam buku lebih complicated of course ler kan sbb kita dapat bace hati diorang semua.. cite kat movie lebih light & easy cam tu.. & ada perubahan watak & plot juga.. tapi cerita sama cuma ending berbeza...

saya pun cam tu jugak.. asik repeat hat depan2 tu je sbb rase sgt romantik gitu (tak cukup lagi pi tgk movie dulu pulak... kaka).. tapi bila dah separuh buku, dah rase seriousnya & nak habiskan cepat sanggup tido kul 2 pagi dgn rase berbelah bagi... hehehe.. tu yg masih terbawak2 tu..

Reply | Posted on 6/21/2010 12:15:35 PM

meandbaby says ...
  aku baca and tgk...dua-dua aku nangis...sangat suka...

Reply | Posted on 6/22/2010 11:43:53 AM

alimrans says ...
  dvd da ada...tp belom smpt tgk. Buku..urm dlm buying list :)

Reply | Posted on 6/22/2010 4:25:23 PM

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