The grass is always greener on the other side
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
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Exploring the expression 'the grass is always greener'
Taken from Helium - Where Knowledge Rules

I can say without a doubt, exactly what this old adage pertains to. Have you ever seen a rambling hillside that looks as though it's a perfectly manicured lawn through and through, with it's lush green coloring? It makes you want to just run up to the top barefoot, feeling the softness of each blade of grass caress your feet. But as you get closer, you discover that in actuality, it's not a well manicured lawn at all, but small shrubbery and weeds that all blend in amongst themselves, with bare patches and ruts in between. It doesn't look so wonderful now, close up.

It was all an illusion from a distance. Well, life is much like that rolling, lush hill. When you see what others have, you can start to feel envious, thinking they have the perfect life, they've been far more blessed than you could ever hope or imagine to be. You might even begin to assume that others came by it so easily, while you had to work your fingers to the bone to have so much less. However, looks can be deceiving, especially when you get up close and personal.

Why is that we "think" we want something that someone else has, yet we often fail to look in our own yards to see the many splendid blessings that we ourselves possess? Why is that we want to drive that expensive SUV, have the big screen tv's and fly off to exotic destinations, just as all the fortunate ones do? We seem to think that we need to have the high priced brand name clothes and expensive finery in order to feel good about ourselves, good about our lives.

There does seem to be a sense of status, reaching greater limits. We are so often measured by what we have. There is nothing wrong with working hard to accumulate a few things in life. The problems arise when you lose focus of what's really important. We can become so complacent, that many of the things we already possess, seem to have little worth anymore. We find ourselves wanting more. Or, we might think that material gain should come just a little easier, without all the hard work and waiting on time. We fail to look at what we already have, with gratitude, and ultimately, lose sight of their value. When this happens, you begin to feel that the grass is greener elsewhere.

What if you were to take a closer inspection at what you "think" is better, before you dove right in head first? You might find that the perfect young couple in the nice house down the street are living a tumultuous life. Those who seem to have all the modern day trappings, might not own a single one of them. That gorgeous, wonderful person that you think you absolutely need to be with, might turn out to have issues that you just couldn't deal with.

As they say, a person's worth is not measured by what they have, but by what they are. You can truly be content with only the basics in life if you are content within your own self. Take a closer look at what you think is greener on the other side. You might see weeds, ruts and bumps that you couldn't detect from a distance. First, rediscover what you already have before you decide to want more, or what someone else has. That way the grass can be greener on YOUR side of the fence and you can have the peace of mind to enjoy it!

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faridah says ...
  hah tulisan tenggelam?..mana ada...saya buka ok aje...hmm..ni yg curious ni...

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