AMP Font Viewer - Complete font manager
Friday, August 10, 2007
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This program is an easy to use but powerful font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts. It can install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories. Some of its features are:

  • Supports TrueType and OpenType fonts (Windows 2000/XP required for PostScript OpenType fonts)
  • Supports Type1 fonts (Windows 2000/XP required)
  • Installation of fonts from a folder (one by one or from a list).
  • Installation of fonts temporally (until the program is closed).
  • Deletion of installed fonts.
  • List of all installed fonts with several display options.
  • List of the fonts from a folder with several display options.
  • Several options for organizing fonts in categories and managing them.
  • It can print a list of all or some of the installed fonts with an example of each font.
  • Scratchpad area for testing the look of any font (installed or from a folder).
  • Dual English/Spanish version.
  • Get AMP Font Viewer

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